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Excellent in logistics

You must be able to respond instantly, especially with ornamental plant and flower products, and, at the same time, be totally reliable on delivery. We understand the challenges that our customers face and have fully dedicated our organisation and expertise to take account of them.

Dynamic and flexible

Consumer demand varies from day to day. so the retailer wants to be able to order right up to the last moment. The products are collected from growers and delivered within an agreed time slot. What is collected today can be in the shop tomorrow.

Cooperation along the chain

We take the weight off our customers by thinking proactively and by perfectly streamlining the entire process. ICT plays a crucial role in exchanging information between customers, growers, fellow transport companies, our planners and the drivers en route.


Delivering Quality

Our planners are very experienced and know everything about the transport industry and the floriculture market. Via on-board computers in the trucks, they constantly monitor where the trucks are located. They always know where a transport is and resolve any problems at lightning speed.


Koeltransport Aalsmeer uses LHV Scania’s

Koeltransport Aalsmeer recently commissioned three new Scania S450 6x2 * 4 trucks that have been approved as a Long Heavy Vehicle for both Dutch and German legislation.

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